Sands, Gravels, Rocks and Top Soil

Landscape and Construction Aggregates

We have a variety of sand, rock and gravel products, including top soil and clay fill.  We keep our products stock-piled in Meadow Lake and are sold by the cubic yard. We offer delivery or you can come and visit us at 19 Industrial Crescent, Meadow Lake.  Not sure what product will work best or how much you will need?

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Products We Offer:

Jackpine Sand


  • used for water and sewer backfill
  • under garage and basement floors
  • under rock for driveway base

Road Crush Gravel or 3/4" Crush


  • mixture of 3/4" crushed rock, sand and clay
  • used for parking lots, driveways
  • same type of gravel seen on country/municipal roads

4" Minus or Screened Pit Run


  • 4" max rock and sand mix
  • used as base for building sites, driveways, roadways and parking lots
  • good for when existing ground conditions are poorer


Cement Gravel


  • mix of concrete stone and sand
  • used to make concrete
  • good for backfilling wells

Rip Rap


  • various sized rock, dirty but will wash away with rain
  • used in culverts, ditches, ponds, dry creek beds
  • great for erosion control and drainage



Clay Fill


  • used for building up roads, filling holes
  • good for backfilling around foundations
  • packs hard and holds water

Playground / Parging Sand


  • sand with stones no larger than 1/4"
  • does not pack
  • used for sandboxes, playgrounds and back fill

Pit Run Gravel


  • mined directly out of the gravel vein, it is sand and gravel
  • compacts well, clay can be added to better compaction
  • used for a base, race tracks or pit roadways

Screener Chips 3/8" Minus or Screener Rejects


  • largest rock at 3/8" to fines with clay content
  • great compaction
  • used for under building pads, under sidewalks and driveways

Crushed Rock


  • rock crushed to approx 7/8", has sharper edges
  • used for work sites, driveways, basements
  • used for weeping tile, pads and inside footings

Screened Rock 1/2"- 2" and 2"- 4"


  • state size required, has smooth edges
  • primarily used for landscaping, great for drainage
  • used for septic leach fields, dog kennels - doesn't track/travel
  • good for backfilling where ground settling will be a problem

Top Soil or Black Dirt


  • used for lawns, gardens and flower beds



Do You Need Just a Little Bit of Material?  

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